Overcome Phobias and Fears

phobiaPhobias and fears are limiting. In the worst cases, they can reduce your life options and be so debilitating that they stop you from enjoying life to the full.

At Amethyst Tiger, we will always talk with you sensitively about your fears and phobias, without judgement. We understand that phobias represent a difficult area for you, but over the course of treatment, we will reduce the impact and potency of phobic triggers so that life becomes more manageable and liberating for you. We will use a range of techniques to address your fears and phobias.  Fear lr

You may wonder what the difference between a fear and a phobia is. Feelings of fear are very common, whereas diagnosable phobias are not.

Phobias are a form of anxiety disorder and can be:

  • specific – where a specific object or situation causes the fear, e.g. spiders, snakes, flying, heights, lifts
  • social – linked to social situations causing anxiety
  • agoraphobic – fear of being in a place or situation where one can perceives that it is hard to escape from

Perhaps now the time has come for you to address your phobias and fears. Maybe there is a deadline approaching and you need to react positively towards it. Or, perhaps, you are simply fed up with how a phobia or fear is affecting you and want to change. Whichever the case, we can help you to overcome your phobias and fears through clinical hypnotherapy. If you would like to chat about your situation, or make an appointment, please contact us.