"Relaxation, Healing and Transformation"

relaxing treatments, empowering courses and insightful readings

Relaxing, Destressing Treatments

For many of us, stress is an ongoing and sometimes overwhelming experience.  Life can be challenging and our therapeutic approach is designed to help you move on with grace, strength and a sense of calm and well-being.

Reiki healing will help you relax, whilst balancing your energy levels. Shamanic healing treatments are helpful when feeling emotionally fragile, or when clearing long-held issues for spiritual transformation. Clinical Hypnotherapy can support you in making positive changes to enhance your well-being. It is also effective in helping you to break away from old behaviours and move on from past traumas. Past Life Healing can remove energetic blockages and address repeated and ongoing challenges.

All treatments are undertaken in a caring and confidential environment. Sometimes only one type of therapy might be appropriate and at others, we might recommend a mixture of therapies to best suit you.

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Empowering Workshops

Taking place in Haslemere, Surrey, our courses and workshops are designed to inform and empower you on your journey of spiritual development. They are equally suitable whether you are new to healing or are an established holistic practitioner.

We run Reiki Healing workshops where you will be attuned to the Reiki energy in the Usui tradition, learning how to use it for self-healing (Level I), the healing of others (Level II) or for Reiki Mastery (Level III).

A number of courses focus on shamanic healing themes, which deepen your connection to nature, whilst developing your intuitive and healing abilities.

Our Tarot courses are suitable for beginners and intermediates and can be undertaken individually (face-to-face or via correspondence), or in a small class format.

Amethyst Tiger also offers bespoke courses for individuals who wish to benefit from ongoing mentoring and support.

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Insightful Readings

Sometimes, it is useful to take time out and review what is going on in our lives. Having an objective perspective can be helpful and an Amethyst Tiger Tarot reading gives you a chance to examine possible influences and outcomes to a given situation.

Maybe you are thinking about changing jobs and want to fully explore the pros and cons. Maybe, your birthday is approaching and you want to review how you’ve been doing and consider where you should be placing your energies in the future. Possibly, you are experiencing a difficult situation and want to access the wisdom of the Tarot.

Our Tarot readings are interesting, informative and always very carefully considered. Readings take place in a safe, secure and supportive environment. Find out more about having a Tarot Reading or how you can Learn to Read Tarot yourself.

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