Reiki means ‘Universal Life Force Energy‘. In this treatment, a practitioner channels Reiki energy into a client’s body to activate their own natural healing processes. Reiki was originally discovered in Japan by Dr Mikao Usui.

When we are stressed, feeling low or suffering from an illness or injury, our energy system becomes depleted or blocked. Reiki helps to clear and restore energy levels, it calms emotional imbalances, heals traumas and generally helps on the journey back to health and well-being. Reiki balances mind, body and soul.

Receive Reiki Healing when you are feeling low, stressed
and in need of emotional, physical or energetic healing

A Reiki treatment calms, soothes and relaxes and is suitable for individuals of all ages. The energy of Reiki is very gentle and pleasant to receive. This healing energy is channeled from the practitioner’s hands, over the body in a set series of movements. Energy is placed over the client’s chakras  (the body’s energy centres). We each have seven main chakras which govern different physical areas of the body, as well as different aspects of our emotional well-being.

When ill, out of sorts or emotionally under pressure, these energy centres sometimes require gentle adjustment, which can be achieved via Reiki. IMG_6523In addition to balancing the chakras, the practitioner will also apply Reiki energy to specific areas of trauma or disease to facilitate healing and emotional release.

The recipient is always fully clothed and lies on a treatment-couch or else remains seated during a treatment. Reiki can be given to people who are either bed-bound or in a wheelchair, or else sent absently to someone not present. This may be useful if Reiki healing is required but an individual finds him- or herself unable to visit the practitioner for reasons of geography or incapacity.

A Reiki treatment usually takes about an hour, but may be slightly longer or shorter, depending on an individual’s unique circumstances. The first consultation will take longer as a full medical history is taken. Reiki Treatments take place in Haslemere, Surrey. Occasionally, we will undertake home visits, if a client is unable to attend sessions in Haslemere.

We will always try and meet your needs to the best of our abilities. We will let you know how we can help or if we believe that you might need to seek the advice of another therapist, specialist or medical practitioner.

Shirley U
Shirley U Amethyst Tiger Reiki Treatments

Arya is a very sensitive, kind and intuitive Reiki healer. She is extremely caring and empathetic and I have always felt very nurtured during our sessions. Her work has undoubtedly helped me, both physically and spiritually.

Judith H
Judith H Amethyst Tiger Treatments and Tarot

I have had a number of Reiki Treatments.  The experience has always been fulfilling, nurturing and spiritually healing.

Joyce B
Joyce B Amethyst Tiger Treatments and Tarot
Arya combines deep insightfulness with great personal warmth, integrity and empathy.  She has a generous and kind spirit.  I have always come away from time with Arya, whether for Reiki, Tarot or Shamanic Healing, with a sense of renewed energy and a greater understanding of myself.

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