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Learning Reiki helps our personal spiritual development as well as opening us up to the healing power of its energy.

Those of you who have received a Reiki treatment, will know that it promotes emotional and physical healing. To be able to give yourself a Reiki healing is wonderful and to being able to channel Reiki energy to others, is even better.

Amethyst Tiger offers Reiki training (in the Usui tradition). The student first acquires Reiki through a Reiki Attunement, whereby the Reiki Master transfers the healing energy to the student. This process opens the crown, heart and palm chakras of the student and creates a unique link between student and the Reiki source. The Reiki energies are channeled into the student during the sacred attunement process. Thereafter, the student is able to channel Reiki energy directly. During the rest of the training, the student is taught how and when to use and channel Reiki.


  • Reiki Level I Attunement is for beginners and for those individuals wishing to use Reiki for their own personal use. Receiving such an attunement is often very moving and deeply spiritual. It can also facilitate emotional and physical clearing, as old issues come to the surface as part of the healing process. Typically, a student receiving Reiki will experience a 21 day energetic clearing process (in fact three cycles of seven days). It is important to be gentle with yourself during these three weeks as your body processes this new, higher vibrational energy.
  • Reiki Level II Attunement is for those wishing to deepen their connection with Reiki, using it to channel healing energy to others, friends and family and/or Reiki clients. Students receive the second sacred attunement and the symbols are once again placed in the crown, heart and hands. This time, however, the student learns the sacred Reiki symbols and is taught how to use them in order to give a more powerful healing.
  • Reiki Level III Attunement is for those wishing to attain Reiki Mastership and fully embrace Reiki as a way of life, teaching and attuning others. It is for those individuals who have a deep and lasting commitment to Reiki, wishing not only to practice it, but to teach others also. The individual will be given the sacred Reiki Master Symbol to learn and use.


Each attunement is run as a separate one-day course. It is possible to receive Levels I and II at the same time (usually over a weekend) but ideally, to gain maximum effect, one should allow some time between attunements in order to fully process the energy and achieve full clearing.

Learning Reiki not only enables us to channel this wonderful energy, but also tends to open us up psychically too as we become more aware of energy in its different forms. Anybody can learn Reiki as previous experience of healing or therapy is not a requirement.

Evi K
Evi K Amethyst Tiger Reiki Workshops and Attunements
Reiki I and II with Arya has been a life-changing experience for me. Not only did Arya spend as much time as needed to teach me Reiki, but she also addressed my concerns about spiritual protection and energy clearing. Arya also addressed any other concerns/questions I had after our lesson, and she has been more than a teacher to me, but a true mentor. I would not hesitate to recommend Arya to anyone who wants to learn about Reiki and Shamanic Healing.

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