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How do I prepare for a Reading?
All that we would ask is that you come with an open mind and be prepared to have an interesting, enjoyable session. You might want to think about what you want the Tarot to help you with and what topics you want to cover, or you may just want a general reading.

Should I just sit quietly and not interact?
We find that a reading tends to be much richer and more meaningful when you fully contribute to it, after all it is your reading. Sometimes, a particular symbol within the card has a unique significance to the Querant (i.e. you, the person receiving the reading) and it is by sharing such information that the Tarot reader is able to go on to fully question and interpret the cards. An open and interactive approach to reading generally yields much better results.

Can the Tarot accurately predict the future?
The Tarot can help us look at possible outcomes. The future is not yet set and we still have ‘free will’ which can determine our course in life. The Tarot should really be viewed as a helpful tool enabling us to move on and develop. It also can give us a better understanding as to possible influences in life at present.

What if the meaning of the cards are unclear?
This does occasionally happen. A reading can sometimes be given where one or more cards fail(s) to reveal its meaning or no strong theme to the reading is immediately apparent. It is our experience though, that a meaning usually becomes clear later on, at an appropriate time. Something happens to trigger the memory of the reading and you might think “Oh, now I get it. It all makes sense now”

Is there such a thing as a ‘horrible’ card?
All cards have an innate wisdom and something to teach us; each card also needs to be viewed in context of an overall reading. It is important to remember Tarot is a way to receive relevant information and communication from ‘our higher selves’ or ‘Spirit’, which helps to inform and guide us.

Some people are wary of certain Tarot cards, often based on misconceptions gleaned through the media. For example, the Major Arcana ‘Death’ card doesn’t infer that anybody is going to drop down dead, rather that a time of transition is commencing in the sense that one book closes and another opens. Similarly, the ‘Devil’ card should not imply that evil abounds, rather this Major Arcana card tends to show up if people exhibit a behaviour or thought pattern which no longer serves them. For example, they might think something like ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I don’t deserve love’, have addictive traits, or be caught in a dysfunctional friendship or relationship. The card in itself isn’t nasty, it just helps to bring home to us something, which we possibly know, but now need to work on.

Will the Tarot tell me something I don’t want to know?
People can sometimes be concerned that the Tarot might predict something unpleasant that they really don’t want to know about. As outlined earlier, the Tarot is really a way for us to review what is going on in our lives at present. We have so-called ‘free will’ and our future is not set. The cards tend to tell us what information we need to know now  to help us move forwards, so you need not worry that you are going to come away with unpleasant information. We believe that all readings should be helpful and should give you something to work with. We definitely don’t subscribe to scare mongering!

What happens after a Reading?
In some instances, we may give you specific exercises to take home, which are intended to help you.  The Tarot sometimes reveals areas which you need to concentrate on and such exercises can help you in moving forward. For example, you may be given an affirmation to repeat,  an energy clearing exercise, or taught how to protect your energy.

How often should I come for a Reading?
Of course, that is up to you and there may be some stages in life where you may appreciate more insight than others. However, ideally, we would like you to go home and digest the information provided by the cards. To have another reading too soon, may mean that you have not given yourself sufficient time. So, in difficult times a monthly reading might be appropriate. Personally, I like to have a reading when the seasons change, unless of course, something comes up earlier that I want to fully investigate.

Can I learn the Tarot?
Yes! Tarot is a fantastic skill to learn and great fun! We offer face-to-face and correspondence Tarot courses. There are all sorts of Tarot readers in the world, each with their own style. Some are highly psychic and intuitive, whilst others are much more logical and analytical in their approach. Anybody can learn to read the Tarot. Many people learn the Tarot to help develop their intuitive abilities.

Amethyst Tiger Tarot courses are designed to help develop your intuition and your knowledge of this very deep and rich resource.

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