The Shaman’s Way – An Introduction to Shamanism

Wolfy lrWe live in a fast paced modern world. In this world, we witness the increasing  power of multinationals, the loss of ecosystems and habitats, the lack of care and respect for the natural world and an over reliance on technology. Humanity has become disconnected…. …..disconnected from Nature and her rhythms and cycles, disconnected from each other and disconnected from our true, spiritual selves.

This introductory workshop on shamanism helps you to restore the balance. It will enable you to once again become more in touch with the natural energies around you as is the Shaman’s Way. On the two day workshop, you will learn to become aware of the energy and spirits of the planet and of the natural world, including plants, animals, crystals and stones. It will help you to better appreciate the forces of nature and to understand that each place has a unique spirit and energy  to connect and communicate with.

This workshop will appeal to those who wish to restore their connection to nature and the energies of the natural world. You don’t have to be a healer or therapist to enjoy the workshop, (although healers and therapists are very welcome), all you need is a will to deepen your connection with nature.

The workshop covers the following topics:

Shamanic Basics

The art of journeying.
The concept of the three worlds – upper, lower and middle

Journeying to meet your guides, including guardian angel, power animal and guiding star
The concept of Ayni
The Shaman’s Mesa (portable altar or toolkit)
The importance of spiritual hygiene and sacred space

Creating Sacred Space

How to work safely and setting up sacred space
Basics of energetic protection
Calling in guardians, angels and guides for protection.
Calling in the directions.
Clearing heavy energy through Hucha Dumping

Working with Elemental and Celestial Energies

Connecting with the Sun, The Moon and The Earth
Chumpi Belt Initiation: Installation of protective energetic bands of energy around the body which enhances one’s connection to the energies of Water, The Earth, The Sun, Moon and Stars
Working with the six directions

 The Spirits of Nature 1

Herb Lympia, healing with herbs, invoking the Spirits of Herbs for healing and transformation
Use of Icaros and chants for healing
The Wisdom of Trees – working with the energy of trees and tree spirits

 The Spirits of Nature 2

Working with Stones for the healing and clearing of the human energy field
Rainbow Illumination Healing
Connecting with the energy of stones and shamanic guides to give an energy healing

Past, Present and Future Healing

Working with Timelines
Past Life Regression
Soul Retrieval
Dreaming your reality into being – ceremonies with leaves and rattles
Good practice guidelines



Maria T
Maria T Amethyst Tiger Shamanic Workshop
“Thank you so much for everything on Saturday. I was blown away by the experience; it was much richer, deeper and more layered than anything I could have expected. It was such a privilege to learn from you ”

The next course will be run 11th – 12th June 2016 in Haslemere, Surrey.

Amethyst Tiger runs this course for small groups of people or occasionally on a one-to-one basis, if required. Please contact us for further information.