Healing With Herbs

Herb LympiaIt has long been known that herbs and plants have excellent healing powers as medicines, culinary herbs and spices, essential oils and fragrance.

During a Healing with Herbs treatment, the shamanic practitioner works with the energy and wisdom of the herb to gently soothe and calm you, restoring your  well-being.

At Amethyst Tiger, this treatment is often one of the first we use when seeing clients. The gentle aroma of the herb used in the treatment helps to loosen and ease those issues that need releasing for our own well-being, but which we tightly hold on to nevertheless.

The Herb Healing works on specific emotional issues and traumas and is especially useful for those times when you are feeling particularly fragile.

This beautiful treatment is loved by everybody who receives it and it can really help support one in times of emotional crisis. Although it is a very gentle and loving treatment to receive, it is also extremely effective. We often find that it helps peoples’ strength and stamina during difficult times.

You might feel naturally drawn to work with a particular herb. You can either bring a herb of your choosing along to the session, or else select a herb from our herb garden (or larder).

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