Stop Smoking

Stop smoking lrYou’ve thought about stopping smoking now for quite a while, but for some reason, the time is now right. You want to give up smoking, you want to do it now and you want to be successful. The only thing is, you want to make this as painless as possible and hypnotherapy can help you to do this.

You want to give up and you want this to be as painless as possible

By directly accessing the unconscious mind through hypnosis, you will be able to stop smoking easily.  A session of Amethyst Tiger hypnotherapy will enable you to transition easily into the ranks of the happy non-smoker!  As long as you have the desire to stop smoking, one session will be enough.

It is a common misconception that smoking is purely an addiction. Research has shown that smokers are prompted throughout the day to smoke by a number of cues, such as morning coffee, breaks at work or a need to grab a few precious minutes of private time where no one else can disturb you. Hypnosis can be used to change your reactions to these everyday cues and to re-programme your own attitudes towards smoking and not smoking.

So if you really want to stop smoking (rather than being nagged to give up) and would like some support in achieving your goal, then please contact us. The fee for the Stop Smoking session is £120.