If you are looking to relax or de-stress, or else need help in embracing positive change, Amethyst Tiger offers a number of healing treatments in Haslemere, Surrey. These complementary therapies include Clinical Hypnotherapy, Shamanic Healing and Reiki.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a versatile tool which helps you access the power of your unconscious mind to effect and maintain positive change. Clinical hypnotherapy can help people to address fears and phobias, to stop smoking or combat addictions. It can help improve confidence, improve interpersonal skills and enhance relationships. This powerful therapy can help to reduce feelings of anxiety and manage stress. It can be used to help or support some physical conditions and help with pain management. Clinical hypnotherapy can also help people reach their goals, whether sporting, weight-related, academic or work related.

Choose Clinical Hypnotherapy when you need to embrace positive change for your mental, physical and emotional well-being.

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Classic Reiki Healing Treatments help to ease and soothe mind and body and are suitable for everyone, from babies to the elderly. A client’s energy system is gently balanced by the Reiki Treatment, helping to restore health and vitality.

Choose Reiki when you need to restore health, vitality and harmony.

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Green Candles and StonesShamanism is one of the oldest forms of healing – gentle, yet surprisingly deep and powerful. The therapist may journey (a type of meditative trance) and use her intuition to establish what you need. The shamanic healing helps restore emotional harmony and physical balance. A number of tools such as breath-work, sacred stones, herbs, feathers and sounds are used to assist in this process. This shamanic therapy can provide deep emotional and energetic healing, resulting in   clarity, clearing and release.

Choose a Shamanic Healing if you have been experiencing emotional or physical trauma, or if you simply wish to relax and balance your energy levels to enhance spiritual development

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