Mix It Up A Little…..

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I don’t know if you, like me, like to jump in to new things, learning all there is to know. Perhaps there’s a temptation to evangelise…. This latest thing that you are into, is the next best thing since sliced bread? Right? Until, of course, the next best thing……

Over the many decades of my career in holistic therapies, I’ve delved into many different enthusiasms. First there was massage, then aromatherapy, then crystals and angels, or was it angels first? Anyway, next came Reiki and later Tarot, followed by shamanic healing, past life and between lives regression and most recently, clinical hypnotherapy.

I have loved all of these different healing modalities and practices. I’ve seen some go in and out of fashion. When I first started aromatherapy over twenty five years ago it was a relatively new thing (despite the ancients having used it), it was everywhere, then nowhere and now is enjoying a renaissance.
I’ve explored esoteric disciplines, like shamanism, loving everything to do with soul loss and retrieval, inner child work and past life regression. In spite of shamanic healing being one of the oldest healing modalities on the planet, it is currently regarded as relatively new age.

I thought clinical hypnotherapy was fascinating only to learn that some shamanic and energy type healing practices were very similar in clinical hypnotherapy, only more clinical sounding names were used instead.

More recently I have found that I am using an integrated approach to therapies.  For example, a client might turn up wanting Reiki or hypnotherapy, or past life regression, but actually what they need is one of the other modalities. Frequently too, I’ll be mid-Reiki, when it will be appropriate to do a little soul-retrieval or else, someone will be in a hypnotic trance, but enjoying the benefits of shamanic ‘dreaming their world into being’, (only it’s called pseudorientation in time in hypnotherapy).  This integrated approach to therapy allows for really powerful results.  Clients tend to be open to the different therapies.  Sometimes a relaxing Reiki can help a client destress enough, in order to have the strength and resilience to tackle more profound issues in hypnotherapy or via shamanic healing.

So, mix it up I say.  As long, of course, that you are paying attention to what your client’s needs and preferences are.