Help for Physical Issues

Pink fractal lr iiIt is well known that there is a strong link between mind and body. By communicating directly with the unconscious mind during hypnosis, hypnotherapy can help to enhance your feelings of physical health and well-being.

Some of the symptoms of ill health can be alleviated or managed through hypnosis. It  can also be used to encourage positive health too, particularly when addressing issues like anxiety, stress, smoking cessation, weight management and addictions.


Hypnotherapy can be helpful if used for:

  • pain management and control
  • symptom reduction and alleviation
  • reducing negative emotions associated with ill health, e.g. stress, anger, worry, frustration, feelings of loss, etc.
  • support with chronic diseases
  • support with cancer
  • motivation regarding issues such as weight loss, smoking cessation, addiction
  • encouraging more helpful ways to relate to an illness
  • taking control of issues such as stammering or blushing
  • improving management of issues such as itching associated with eczema and psoriasis
  • lowering blood pressure

Sometimes ill health can be an issue which affects more than the sufferer, as loved ones may be suffering from stress and worry. Hypnotherapy can help them to relax and cope better too.

For more information about how clinical hypnotherapy can help you, please contact us. Clinics are available at Stoatley Rise, Haslemere and at  Haslemere Chiropractor, Haslemere, Surrey.