7 Ways to Ground Yourself for Harmony and Balance

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It’s really easy to become spaced out, loved up or so focused on what you are doing, that it’s as if you are living in a dream world, (actually a trance state).  All of this is brilliant of course, but not necessarily conducive to practical day to day living or indeed survival.  When we are grounded, we feel connected to the Earth, are fully aware of how to look after ourselves (and others).   Grounding also helps us to shed our worries, putting things into perspective.The danger is when we forget to ground.

So, why is it so important to ground yourself?   Many of us walk around with our heads up in the clouds on a permanent basis. It might feel lovely and airy but we are in danger of not noticing what is right in front our very noses…that pothole, that fast car zooming in front of us, or indeed, that person who really does not have our best interest at heart.

Sometimes people work so hard at their own spiritual development, that they really are living in their heads, it’s almost as if they are floating ephemerally in front of us.  It might be that such people have worked for years to better themselves, to think purely, to connect to spirit. This is laudable, but no good if their higher chakras are overdeveloped at the expense of their lower ones. Just as we should try to integrate both shadow and light into our personnas, we should also try and make sure that we are just as connected to the Earth as we are to Air. It’s all about striving for and achieving balance and harmony.

I’m often reminded when clients come to see me, how important it is to ground yourself.  After a relaxing Reiki, shamanic healing or hypnotherapy session, when a client brings their focus back into a room, it is really important to make sure that they are fully grounded before they venture outside.   (Let me tell you, that spaced out driving is not good for anybody on the roads)!!!!!

So, maybe you are feeling a little in your head, are perhaps overstressed, or you’ve just had a lovely relaxing treatment and now need to go and  pick up the kids… what should you do to ground yourself?  Here are a number of ways for you to go about grounding, choose one or more and enjoy feeling balanced and connected.

> Take a deep breath and really feel your back sinking into the chair or sofa if you are sitting down. Better still, stand up and feel the soles of your feet upon the ground. If possible, take off your shoes and socks and go and walk outside. Feel the Earth beneath your feet again. Enjoy the sensation of being outside, grounded in nature and appreciate the sense of your feet upon the ground and feel the Earth supporting you back.Imagine growing tree like energy, roots into the Earth, really anchoring yourself as you do so.  Imagine too, Mother Earth sending up her wonderful green energy through the soles of your feet, up your calves and thighs and holding you softly, but firmly by the hips onto this Earth plane.  It’s always good to connect to Mother Earth. 

Really focus on taking wonderful deep breaths, releasing all that you don’t need with your out-breath, and giving you wonderful, life giving clean air on your in-breath.

> Eat and drink something.  It doesn’t have to be a grand meal, but a biscuit, snack or piece of fruit may be enough to help you feel grounded.  Drinking water too, helps to ground (and let’s not get started on the benefits of a lovely cuppa).

> Hold a dark crystal, especially rough tumbled haematite in your hands.  Focus on these for a minute or too. When you hold the haematite, you instantly feel grounded and connected to the Earth.

> Dip your feet into water (obviously if safe to do so)!  But if there is a stream or seashore where you can dip your feet into the water and possibly feel the sand beneath your feet, mentally connect to the water, to the Earth. 

> Sound…… This is your chance to make a lovely deep vocalisation, sing, hum, chant! If you have access to a musical instrument or singing bowl, sound these too.

> Alternatively, smells can be very grounding too, as well as fresh mown grass, essential oils which are base notes can be very grounding too.  These include cedarwood, sandlewood, rose, ginger, patchouli and vetivert amongst others. You can either use an essential oil burner or diffuser, or simply take one drop on a hanky or a sniff from the essential oil bottle.

> Go and stand under a lovely tree.  You can hug it, touch it forehead or hand to bark and simply acknowledge that this great tree is already both grounded or balanced. Of course gardening or a walk in the woods can also help to ground yourself.

So, please do remember to ground yourself.  Enjoy the benefits of being connected and being in harmony and balance.  

Arya is an holistic therapist offering Reiki, Shamanic Healing and Hypnotherapy Treatments in Haslemere, Surrey.