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What is Reiki Exactly?
Reiki is a holistic treatment.  Healing energy is channeled through a practitioner’s hands in order to stimulate the natural healing processes of the body, restoring physical and emotional well-being.

How Does Receiving a Reiki Treatment Feel?
Everybody’s experience of Reiki is unique and individual. However, common responses include:

  • feeling sensations of coolness or, conversely, sensations of warmth
  • experiencing a gentle tingling feeling where the Practitioner’s hands are focusing the Reiki energy
  • seeing colours in the mind’s eye
  • achieving a sense of deep relaxation
  • feeling lighter
  • feeling slightly sleepy
  • in some cases, you might recall previous emotional experiences or periods of your life, which you might not have thought about for a long time, even decades

Where Are You Based?
Amethyst Tiger offers Reiki Healing Treatments in Haslemere, Surrey, close to the borders of Hampshire and West Sussex. We are about 20 minutes away from Guildford, Farnham and Petersfield.

How Will I Feel After A Reiki Treatment?
Again, everybody responds differently, but usually, you will feel relaxed, ‘chilled’ and possibly comforted. There can be an emotional release, so it is not unusual to shed a few tears during or after a treatment, especially if emotional issues lead you directly, or indirectly to the treatment.

We always advise you to take it easy and rest after a Reiki Treatment and to drink plenty of water. In some cases, it is possible to get a light headache or slight worsening of symptoms as the body releases toxins after the treatment. This is called a healing crisis and is a step on the road to recovery. This normally resolves very quickly, within a few hours and drinking water usually helps.

If however you are experiencing a persistent worsening of your condition, this is unlikely to be a Healing Crisis and we would recommend that you seek the appropriate help.


What Sort of Things is Reiki good For?

In that Reiki is relaxing and calming, it can be extremely helpful to people, especially at difficult times. We can all find ourselves feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, or unable to cope, both emotionally and spiritually. Reiki treatments can help us achieve a feeling of peace, enabling us to feel more centred and better able to cope better with the challenges of life.

The benefits of a Reiki Treatment include:

  • Promotion of relaxation
  • Stress reduction
  • Enhanced vitality
  • Clearing and balancing of energy
  • Pain reduction
  • Self empowerment
  • Improved sleep
  • Emotional clearing and enhanced well being
  • Removal of energetic blockages
  • Increased vibrational frequency Feeling of peace and calm
  • Blood pressure reduction
  • Strengthened immune system


Is it OK to Have Another (Non-Reiki) Treatment on The Same Day?
Once again, this depends on what the treatments are and why you are having them. If they are for a medical issue, then do take the advice of your medical practitioner. Generally, we would recommend that you leave at least 24 hours between holistic treatments, in order to fully process and enjoy the benefits of each one.

Can Anyone Receive or Give Reiki?
Anyone can receive Reiki. It is suitable for everybody, from babies to the elderly. It is our experience that the very young, old or those who are quite severely ill, may only require a few minutes of Reiki. This can also be true when Reiking animals.

Anyone can also channel Reiki energy, as long as they have received a Reiki attunement.Pink flowers and Stones

Can I Arrange for Absent Healing to Be Sent to A Loved One?
Absent Healing is fine, as long as the recipient has given their permission to receive. It is an holistic belief that our illnesses and traumas often teach us important lessons in life. We heal when we are ready to move on and only our own Higher Selves can decide that. If a loved one or a relative is in need of healing and it is not possible to obtain their permission, healing can be sent, but only with the caveat that it is with the acceptance of their Higher Self and for their Highest Good.

How Many Reiki Treatments Will I Need?
Well that all depends, on how quickly an individual can achieve a sense of improvement and well being, which obviously depends on why you wish to receive Reiki in the first place and of course, how you respond to it.

  • If it is for general relaxation, one treatment might do it, or you may wish to come in every 1 – 2 months for a maintenance treatment.
  • If you have an acute health issue, then a few treatments may suffice.
  • If you have a chronic issue, you may benefit from receiving treatments at regular intervals.
  • If you are seeking treatments for emotional healing, you may find that an issue is quite deep seated, with each successive treatment releasing more and going deeper and deeper.

I Have Heard About Trying Reiki on Myself or The Family, can I learn to do this?
Yes, Reiki is easy to learn. Level I Reiki teaches you how to practice Reiki Healing on yourself, Level II teaches you how to give Reiki to others such as family members, friends or even clients. Level III is for those wishing to attain Reiki Mastership and teach other Reiki Practitioners.

Can Reiki Heal The Past and Can it be Sent Forward into The Future?
Yes, Reiki often uncovers deep seated and indeed, past life issues. Healing can also be sent into the future, useful, if you know that in a certain period of time, you might be undergoing an operation, or medical procedure. Similarly, it can be sent forward to ‘tricky’ situations to increase your sense of calm and well being, such as an interview, a court case, a presentation or a meeting that you have not been looking forward to.

Is There Any Time I Shouldn’t have a Reiki?
Yes, Reiki healing is not recommended if:

  • You have broken your bones in an accident and have not yet received any medical help with respect to bone setting. Reiki can cause the healing to speed up, so you want to make sure that your bones are properly set first of all.
  • If you are diabetic, we would prefer that you seek the advice of your doctor first. It is possible for your blood sugar levels to lower when you have a treatment, which can be serious, should you near hypoglycaemic blood sugar levels.
  • Reiki can be a fabulous treatment for expectant mothers. However, it is a form of healing and we always prefer to ask permission before giving a treatment. So with the unborn, the mother must be prepared to mentally address the foetus and ask for permission to proceed. If you are aware of any complications in your pregnancy we would recommend that you seek professional advice before you proceed.

Can Reiki be sent to somebody who is not here, but in another place?
Reiki can be sent absently to an individual in another place, or another time zone. There is an ethical protocol here, however. If someone is unable to answer themselves, how do we know that they actually desire healing. Maybe they are ready to pass on? Maybe they don’t want intervention? Maybe they don’t like the idea of Reiki or any other form of healing? Therefore, one would ideally like the recipient to agree that they are happy to receive Healing.  Of course, there will be some situation where this is clearly not possible. Here, Healing will still be sent, but to their ‘Higher Selves’ which will determine whether to receive healing sent or not).

Are There any Underlying Principles to Reiki?

Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings
Just for today, I will not worry
Just for today, I will not be angry
Just for today, I will do my work honestly
Just for today, I will be kind to my neighbour and every living being

 Can Reiki Work Alongside Traditional Medical Treatments?
Absolutely, Reiki is an ideal treatment to work alongside traditional medical treatments. Indeed, it can facilitate recovery. If in doubt however, do ask your doctor.

My Religion is Important to Me. Is Reiki Backed by a Belief System?
Reiki is a healing modality. As such it is not aligned to any Religion, so should be acceptable to all. As always, Amethyst Tiger would recommend you to follow what seems true to you. If it feels right, please try Reiki, but if not, please follow your own intuition.

It may reassure you to read the Reiki Principles which underpin its practice. These are shown in the box above.

IMG_6520You Say ‘Healing’ but Will Reiki Cure Me of a Longstanding Illness? What about Those who are ‘Passing’ ? Can Reiki Help?
OK, this is a difficult one. Reiki may well cure you of a longstanding illness, but then again, it may simply help to alleviate symptoms. We like to use Reiki as a compliment to traditional (allopathic) medical treatments. We would not advocate using Reiki as an alternative without you having spoken to your GP or appropriate medical specialist first. However, in some instances, it can be a gentle treatment than long term medication, depending of course on your condition and medical approval from your GP or specialist.

Reiki can help you better respond to treatments by reducing your stress levels. It can facilitate healing and because this is a holistic treatment, both mind and body receive healing, which can be very effective. Long standing symptoms can be alleviated.

It is important to bear in mind, that the Reiki Practitioner, is only channeling the healing. It is you, yourself who brings about your own healing.

The more you embrace and resolve emotional issues which might be behind an illness, the stronger you will become.

The Western concept of healing tends to be that ‘healing’ will necessarily facilitate a Cure.  The Eastern and more holistic approach is slightly different. There is a belief that our diseases (often spelt ‘dis-ease’ in holistic texts) are often in place to teach us what we need to learn, if only we would listen to our bodies. It is a case of our body trying to communicate with our concious minds, raising an issue which we are choosing, on some level, to ignore. Reiki can certainly help us realise what the source of illness and disease is and upon acceptance of such a truth, it can help us on our journey back to good health, well being and recovery.

Sometimes however, it may not be in the highest interest to be cured (if in an nth stage of a serious illness such as cancer, for example). In these instances Reiki can help us (and our families) face such difficulties as dying with grace, making the transition from life to death, less of an ordeal and easier to bear. In these instances Reiki can be a sacred and special gift to a loved one, especially if we are attuned to Reiki and can help them  transition with love and the gentle and peaceful healing energy of Reiki.


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