Working with Animal Spirit Guides

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Animal Spirit Guides are much like guardian angels. They reside in Spirit and are there to help and advise us when we call upon them. All we have to do is ask but sadly, most people are unaware of these fantastic guides. Sometimes people do have an subconscious connection, as they find themselves repeatedly drawn to a particular animal.

We each have a Power Animal, guardian animals which help us on all sorts of levels, from guidance, to protection and support. However, many people have lost their connection to their spiritual side and so miss out on their Power Animal’s wonderful wisdom. Some people have more than one Animal Spirit Guide surrounding them. Once in touch with our guide(s), we will be able to draw on their wisdom whenever we want to.

We can learn to reconnect with our Animal Spirit Guides. Working with them can help in our healing, transformation and spiritual development.

On this one-day workshop you learn to connect with your Power Animal and other Animal Spirit Guides. It is a great day for building spiritual awareness and deepening your connection with nature.

Working with Your Animal Spirit Guides

•  Connect with your Animal Guides and Totems
•  Learn how to access these beneficial Animal Spirits bringing their wisdom into every day life
•  Journey with Animal Spirit Guides to receive spiritual guidance and protectionOwl
• Learn how to align with Animal Spirits for greater focus, direction, inner calm, enhanced confidence and self healing
• Explore the basics of Shapeshifting – reinforce your connection with the animal guides and learn how to start creating and envisaging the world you live in
• Work with ‘The Great Council of Animals’ for peace, animal and earth healing

The next course is being run on Saturday 7th May 2016.

Please contact us to book a place.

Shalini B
Shalini B Amethyst Tiger Animal Spirit Guides Workshop
The workshop was a moving, spiritual experience for me. I was surprised at how much I learnt about myself in just a few hours – and deeply appreciative to find my guiding animal spirit. Since the workshop I am amazed just how many times my animal spirit has popped up in the most unusual settings!
Devon N
Devon N Amethyst Tiger Workshops
After attending Arya’s Animal Spirit Guides Workshop, I came away with a renewed sense of self. Arya is a passionate, sensitive and intuitive teacher.  She created a calm, yet energised environment in which we were able to discover and connect with our animal guides. I recommend this workshop to anyone looking to connect more closely with the earth, its animals, and especially oneself.
Emma B
Emma B Amethyst Tiger Workshops
I recently attended Arya’s workshop on Animal Spirit Guides.  I really was not sure what to expect – but immediately, Arya created a calm and safe environment for us to explore and find a way to connect with our guides.  There was a great energy and Arya’s love and passion reflect her methods of facilitation.  It genuinely was a thought provoking experience which will remain with me.

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