Past Life Healing

Amethyst Tiger Marigold Mandala mrDuring the course of a lifetime, many people find that they become ‘stuck’ and unable, for no obvious reason, to progress in a particular area of life. It may prove difficult to break free from unhealthy self belief patterns and relationships, or else overcome recurring challenges. Others might experience on-going sensations of physical discomfort, for which there is no known, underlying medical cause. Often people can feel completely stumped as there is seemingly no obvious reason for these ongoing experiences. In these instances, past life regression therapy may prove to be of real and significant help. Accessing a past life, which contains the source or the seeds of an issue, can provide tremendous relief and healing, enabling us to live our lives more fully.

The aim of the therapy is to access a past life which contains the key to your current challenge. Arya, the past life therapist, will guide you back to an appropriate past life or past lives which need attention and healing at the present moment. At all times, you will be in control, with the therapist gently facilitating your past life regression. The experience is often moving, insightful and cathartic.

With past life therapy, the original source of an issue can be understood and healed.Heart Feather Sometimes, we will have made a ‘soul contract’ or a vow in a previous incarnation¬†that now proves redundant or unhelpful. These can be reviewed and amended for your highest good. For those who feel like a part of themselves is missing, then soul fragments, lost during any evident trauma within a lifetime, can be reclaimed enabling a feeling of wholeness to return to this present lifetime.


It is also possible to meet members of our ‘soul group’, who will repeatedly reappear throughout many lifetimes. Perhaps we can recognise them in this current lifetime. The process of past life regression can illuminate issues and relationships in our current lives, whilst the past life healing aspect of the therapy can remove energetic blockages which had previously caused us to feel ‘stuck’ in any way.

Amethyst Tiger offers two routes to past life healing and we will help you choose which one is right for you. One route is using hypnotherapy regression where you will be guided into a hypnotic state to access the past life. Don’t worry if you have never had a hypnotherapy session before, only a light level of trance is needed, which most people do naturally every day anyway!¬† The other option is where the therapist undertakes a shamanic journey to the appropriate past life on your behalf and then guides you through a shamanic meditation to undertake the necessary healing and forgiveness. In both cases, profound healing can take place. It doesn’t really matter which route you take, as the healing and resolution offered are equally beneficial.

Please note that the past life healing can typically take two – three hours. The session starts with a consultation about your current challenges and aims, before progressing with the actual past life regression. This is always followed up by a gentle discussion and review of the key events signposted in the journey, with appropriate suggestions for your ongoing healing and route forwards. All past life hypnotherapy sessions takes place in Haslemere, Surrey in a comfortable, safe and non judgemental environment.

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