Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings

Tarot can help us to look at what is going on in our lives from a calm and objective perspective. A reading gives us a cool, clear look at what influences are coming in to play and enables us to fully explore any options open to us.

At Amethyst Tiger, we don’t believe that a Tarot reading predicts the future. Rather, we believe it provides us with a means of reviewing what is currently going on in our lives. Potential outcomes, themes and influences may be fully explored and possible routes through a given situation can be considered.

All readings are undertaken in a completely confidential, caring and non-judgmental environment. We don’t feel that an individual should give up their personal responsibility and decision-making powers to the Tarot, but we know that sometimes it can provide help. Our aim is to empower you, enabling you to be better equipped and more informed.

Amethyst Tiger Tarot ReadingTo get the most out of a Tarot reading, be prepared for an interactive session. This makes for a rich and rewarding reading. At Amethyst Tiger, the Tarot is read using recognised and established meanings for the cards, together with the reader’s intuition, expertise and insight. We always take into account any unique and personal interpretation of symbols shown in the cards, that you may have.

We undertake face-to-face Tarot readings in Haslemere, Surrey, as well as Skype and email readings.

Judith H
Judith H Amethyst Tiger Treatments and Tarot
Arya’s Tarot Readings are always caring, considerate and professional. The readings themselves have been interesting and particularly helpful in understanding where I am in life.
Luise W
Luise W Amethyst Tiger Tarot
I have had at least two Tarot card readings with Arya, she is so friendly and made me feel entirely comfortable, as I’d never done Tarot before
Laraine H
Laraine H Amethyst Tiger Tarot

I have had regular Tarot readings with Arya over the last few years. These have been a great opportunity to take a pause and reflect on my current circumstances, explore issues and future routes. It’s also been a good way to review where I am at and how things are progressing over a longer period of time. I feel completely safe with Arya, she is an intuitive and caring guide and I have always found my readings to be very insightful and positive experiences.


It is a condition of our insurance that we must state that ‘Tarot Readings are for entertainment purposes only’. This means that any reading we give is for your ‘amusement’ and any decisions that you make following a Tarot Reading are your own and therefore, your own responsibility. We also strongly advocate that where appropriate, specialist advice should always be sought. Information accessed through a Tarot Reading, should never take the place of appropriate medical, mental health, financial, legal and business experts and their relevant areas of expertise.

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