The Wisdom of The Tarot

Tarot Collage


Tarot is a wonderful repository of Wisdom.  Anybody can learn to read the Tarot, you don’t have to have highly developed psychic skills. Indeed, there are many ways to read the Tarot, which we will cover in the course. Learning to read the Tarot will, however, help you to develop your intuitive capabilities and innate creativity. It will also help you to better understand both yourself and those around you.

“The cards seem to possess a greater depth of knowledge, understanding and insight than I ever thought possible.” AJ

We offer two Tarot Courses:

1.  An Introduction to The Wisdom of The Tarot for Beginners and those who may have been dabbling with The Tarot, but who now require further structure and understanding. This course is run as a two-day event in Haslemere, Surrey.

2.  Deepen Your Understanding of The Tarot for Intermediate Tarot Readers who really want to further develop their skills, whilst enriching their understanding and experience of the Tarot. This course is available as a two day course, or else as a 5 module online correspondence course.

This Beginners Course includes:

  • Choosing the Right Deck for You, how to work with the Cards
  • The Major and Minor Arcana cards, their meanings.
  • Exploring the four suits of Cups, Wands, Pentacles (Coins) and Swords.
  • The Fool’s Journey
  • Symbolism and Archetypes
  • Use of Numerology in Tarot
  • What is a Significator and how and when to use one
  • The art of reading Court Cards
  • An introduction to Three Card Readings, The Celtic Cross and other Tarot Spreads
  • Reading for yourself and others
  • How to develop and Trust your Intuition
  • How to approach Card Reversals
  • How to set up ‘Sacred Space’ – how to energetically protect yourself
  • Working with Spirit Guides

This Intermediate Tarot Course includes:

  • Other ways to interpret the Tarot
  • Introducing The Qaballah, The Tree of Life and The Tarot
  • Elemental Dignities – when is a card important, when is its influence diminished?
  • Furthering your Tarot Skills – Helpful and Healing Post Reading Techniques to take home
  • Tarot Stories, using Tarot to creatively assist you in other areas of your life
  • Past Life and other interesting Spreads
  • Reading for groups of people and for organisations
  • Tarot as a business
  • Tarot Ethics

Anita J
Anita J Amethyst Tiger Tarot Workshop
I feel that the course has had just the right balance – it has covered lots of ways of using the Tarot and reading techniques. It has given me a chance to assess the styles and work out what is best for me and how I want to work with the cards. Being guided by you has been an amazing experience and I have learnt a lot about the cards and myself in the process. The cards seem to possess a greater depth of knowledge, understanding and insight than I ever thought possible.
The next Introduction to The Wisdom of the Tarot course is planned for 22nd-23rd February 2020.
The fee is £200 and a £20 deposit secures your place.  To book, please  contact us >>