Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is one of the oldest methods of healing in the world, common to many indigenous cultures. Shamanism is an energetic form of healing which draws on the wisdom and energies of the natural world. Shamans believe that all living things have an energy which can help in clearing, healing and balancing us. A shamanic healing can result in deep insights and profound healing for clients coming along to a session.

This type of holistic treatment is suitable for those who may be undergoing serious stresses such as bereavement, illness or divorce, as well as anybody wishing to attain a feeling of spiritual well-being.

Shamanic Healing draws on the wisdom and energies
of the natural world for
healing, empowerment, clearing and harmony

Shamanic practitioners often work in ‘non-ordinary reality ‘, a type of meditative state, whichShamanic Healing - Aura Sweep helps access their intuition and the world of energy around us. This aids the healing process.  At Amethyst Tiger, shamanic drumming, a singing bowl, sacred stones (Khuyas), feathers, crystals, herbs, essential oils and breath-work might all be used during the treatment to facilitate clearing and balancing.

Shamans have a deep respect for the planet and all life upon it and as a non-religious practice, it is suitable for anyone.

The Shamanic Healing Treatments on offer at Amethyst Tiger include Rainbow Illumination, Past Life Healing, Soul Retrieval, Healing with Herbs, Working with Animal Spirit Guides and Womb Blessings. All of our Shamanic Healings are great for relaxation, healing and spiritual development.

Hilary B
Hilary B Amethyst Tiger Treatments
I have been a client of Arya’s for many years and have always found her a sensitive and intuitive healer.  She always knows instinctively what I need and makes sure that I feel warm and cared for.  I always leave her sessions feeling uplifted and inspired – she is a very gifted healer!
Karen H
Karen H Amethyst Tiger Shamanic Healing
It was lovely to see you and I thank you for all the help you have given me and I feel so much stronger and wiser….Thank you.

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