Accessing The Wisdom and Healing of Trees

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Need deep and immediate healing? Then go outside and commune with one (or more) tree.  Have you ever noticed how a walk in the woods can help to reduce your stress levels, or how sitting under the gentle shade of  dappled leaves can leave you feeling peaceful and calm?  Tree Wisdom and Healing is free, accessible to most and one of nature’s most wonderful of healing gifts to us.

The lifetime of many trees extends our own – some great vintage trees have been around for centuries.  They’ve experienced all sorts of weather conditions and challenges, as well as witnessing the changing face of the countryside.   They’ve seen how the lives of people have changed too.  There’s a lot of inherent wisdom in a tree and we can access it.

Trees can offer us great healing too.  Place your head against a tree trunk (or sit with your back against it) and have the will and intention to commune with the tree. Offer the tree your thanks and blessing and perhaps ask it to either share its energy with you, giving you a healing or indeed, ask for an insight which might be of help to you personally. Of course, you can also ask for healing or insights for the community or even for the planet.  Messages might come through as images, sounds, thoughts, words, feelings, a song, or even just an inner knowing.  Just be open to what you receive and take your time, don’t rush.  If seeking a healing, pay attention to how you are feeling. Note any changes in your energy system. Do you feel calmer or more whole? Are you experiencing a sense of deep peace and oneness with nature?  

The Qero shamans believe in a concept called Ayni which translates to reciprocity. Never take without giving back. So afterwards, perhaps you’d like to leave a gift of thanks for the tree… a song, a poem, a blessing or prayer, a pretty flower placed beneath the tree, some bird food or whatever feels right to you. 

Most importantly of all, do take time to walk amongst the trees. We all mean to do it and so rarely do.

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