Big Heart – The Healing Power of Love

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Amethyst Tiger Big HeartI had a bit of a eureka moment recently which I’d like to share with you. I have been studying and practicing different types of healing for a number of years now. I’ve used crystals, tried angelic healing, attuned to nature with Shamanic healing, enjoyed the flow of Reiki, the smells of aromatherapy, loved the wisdom of Tarot and the Qaballah and even been interested in hypnotherapy. And I’ve always understood that intention is very important. Set the intention for healing and it will happen. We might need a bit of extra help and so we might choose to call in Spirit Guides and Spirit Helpers, if necessary.  And of course, we always try to work from the heart, for the highest good of all concerned. But intention and belief is the place to start.

But it occurred to me recently, that all healing comes down to love, the very essence and vibration of love. …Well, love and belief at any road. If you subscribe to the holistic viewpoint that our illnesses and diseases and even our troublesome life experiences are there to teach us something on our journey, then it strikes me that most things can be healed with love. Love for the planet, love for those around us and often forgotten (and perhaps hardest to do) love for ourselves.

We heal others out of a position of love, working from the heart centre or heart chakra. But when it comes to ourselves, many of us are extremely intolerant. We figure, somehow, that we are not deserving of love, others deserve our time, but we, ourselves are not worthy of it. It’s easy to give a kind word to a friend or even a stranger, but we remain hellishly hard on ourselves: ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m too fat/thin’, ‘I’m too this or too that’ or, ‘I’ve other more important things to do then pay attention to myself’. Whilst we continue to think in this way, our systems remain out of kilter, energies remains blocked and stress and dis-ease build. Some times this can lead to prolonged ill health and the emergence of new health or emotional issues.

When we learn to listen inwardly, we can sometimes, if we try really hard, listen to what our bodies have been trying to tell us for years…that we each deserve love and respect and forgiveness. We all make mistakes, but if we recognise that whilst flawed, we can learn and improve and be better, then life is a lot easier. We don’t have to let old traumas and emotions affect us for the course of our lives or lifetimes, even. But more important than just listening is dialogue and communication. We need to tell ourselves that we love and appreciate ourselves. We need to soothe our sores and aches and pains with love and understanding. We need to let go of all that we no longer need and start afresh, in a spirit of peace and forgiveness. We need to forget old arguments and troubles and concentrate on what is important: love.

Love is what makes life worth living. It’s what makes the world go around. It’s the air that sustains us. It’s what makes us endure in times of trouble. It’s what gives us hope in times of need. And it’s what nourishes our souls and those of others around us. So, give yourself permission. Tell yourself that you’re not that bad after all, in fact you’re pretty blooming marvelous. And tell yourself gently, or shout it from the hills, that you are worthy of love and that  you do, in fact, have love and respect for yourself. Try it over a course of a few weeks and see how life begins to unfold for you. Do you have more energy? Are you more relaxed? Do you feel better in yourself?

I’ll try if you will. xxx