Blue Moon Magic

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Amethyst Tiger - Blue MoonThe Moon at her fullest is always especially inspiring, but tonight we have a Blue Moon. It’s a time not only to contemplate her beauty and the gift she gives to us each month, of beautiful, reflected light, but to consider what it is that we wish to manifest for ourselves.

In Tarot, the Moon sheds light on what is going on in our lives, sometimes revealing hitherto unknown secrets. She also urges us to trust and respect our intuition and calls out to the Divine Feminine, whether expressed as innocence (Virgin), nurturing creator (Mother) or wisdom (Crone or Wise Woman).

But today, we are lucky enough to have a Blue Moon. A Blue Moon is relatively rare and occurs when we have two full moons in the same calender month. The full Moon is normally a time where we can express our wishes. Energies have risen for the first half of the lunar month and now can begin to fall away.

The Blue Moon itself is especially powerful. So, if you can, go outside when you see the Blue Moon, or look outside the window. If this isn’t possible, if stuck inside or if clouded over, just mentally connect with her. And call out to the Moon, ask her to manifest your dreams (with the caveat that ‘this is for the highest good’ and ‘to harm none’). Make sure that you have thought long and hard about what you want to ask for, how you’d like your life to change for the good, perhaps, or what you’d now like to move on from. Do this in love and light and always, always thank the lovely Moon, for her help.

You might like to blow your wishes out. A Shamanic practice is to take three cocoa leaves (not easily available in the UK), bay leaves are good alternatives, but you might like to choose your own and blow your wishes into them. Blow into them and release to the Moon, letting the leaves fall away. If taking a leaf from a plant, remember to mentally ‘ask permission’ of the plant too.

You can repeat this exercise with any full moon, it’s just that the Blue Moon is especially powerful.
Good luck and enjoy the wonderful moon.