Just Take A Little Time…

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I bet that you, like me, have little time to properly devote to yourself.  I don’t mean that time when you veg out in front of the telly, but when you sit in a quiet space and devote time to doing just nothing.  Our busy and sometimes chaotic lives, can get in the way of giving ourselves this special gift.

But when you do, (or can), enjoying that still, calm space can be both healing and empowering. For some of us, it’s a nice long soak in the bath, contemplating, well, contemplating nothing. For others, it’s enjoying a long walk in nature, gardening or indeed knitting.

If you do, however, manage to get the time to meditate a little, well that can be a fantastic way of accessing and changing our perspective. It is possible to drop into your heart space, if that is your desired outcome, or really focus on what is behind an area of physical or emotional discomfort or trauma. It is also a fantastic way to communicate with our higher selves in order to obtain much desired insights and perhaps an overview, of how we are progressing with regard to our life purpose.  We can even find out what our life purpose is!!!

Personally, I like to journey, listening to shamanic drumming or else, to hold my favourite crystals and set out to access that deeply personal, inner wisdom – zoning out or tuning in….depending on your perspective!  The more disciplined amongst us will give themselves such time every day, perhaps meditating or chanting.  And it’s not just our own higher self that we can access in such times, but we can also tune in to the energies of nature, receiving the wisdom of nature spirits.  Of course, we can send healing to Mother Earth too or even to our own loved ones. *

So if you can, try and devote a little time to yourself on a daily basis. Not time spent looking at your social media accounts of course, but time spent acknowledging your own true self. And if you manage to do this regularly, it won’t be long before you notice the benefits: a less stressed, calmer and perhaps even, nicer you!

*Please send healing to an individual’s higher self if you haven’t received permission to give healing, as it might not be in their soul’s best interest to receive healing at this point in time. Sending to the higher self means they can accept the healing if it is in their own best interest, or not, if it isn’t. One should preferably ask first before sending healing if possible.  Always make sure you set an intention that an individual receives the healing at a time convenient to them, ie not whilst up a ladder or driving around the M25.