The Forgotten Art of Tuning in to Nature

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Amethyst Tiger - Tree SpiritOne of the things that I have really enjoyed about my Shamanic journey is learning how to ‘tune in’ to Nature.  We all have an innate intuitive ability and usually know (but often have spent years ‘forgetting’), how to tune in to the seen and unseen world around us.

You may already be communing with Nature. A walk in a park or forest, might leave you renewed and with better insight than before.  Quietly meditating with your focus on a beloved crystal might calm and soothe. Perhaps, a waterfall or lake leaves you feeling inspired and motivated. Or, you might feel called to sit with your back against a large and beautiful tree, absorbing its protective energy.  Somehow, the act of tuning in feels healing and enables us to cope better with any challenges that we face. We are all energy and tuning in simply allows us to access the wisdom of other energies around us.

But life is busy and sooner or later, no matter how practised we are, we forget. The received wisdom of our society is that logical thinking is all and intuition is to be derided. But, we need to persevere. I’ve had a few ‘spiritual’ reminders this week that I’ve felt have been urging me to to tune in: the intoxicating scent of roses and jasmine lingering in the evening air, the hum of bees in the garden and this morning – a prompt from a book. (Browsing through the bookshelf, I picked up Hazel Raven’s book, Crystal Healing and opened it on a section about tuning in to crystal spirits)!

So how do you go about tuning in if you don’t know how? If you want to tune in to Spirit generally, you may just sit and meditate. Pay attention to what thoughts, images or words of wisdom come into your mind. You might even receive kineaesthetic impressions. Often, channeled thoughts come into your head much quicker than you could think them yourself. Also, always pay attention to thoughts, daydreams and coincidences, its spooky how accurate they can be.

However, fantastic healing can come from tuning in to Nature Spirits. First, choose something to work with, perhaps a favourite crystal, a herb from the garden (or the fridge), a flower or an essential oil. If selecting from the garden, please Snowdropsmentally ask the permission of the herb or flower to work with them, don’t just cut the plant without asking first.  Next, make yourself comfortable: select soothing music, relax, close your eyes and focus your attention on your heart chakra or heart area. From there, bring your attention to either a crystal which you are holding, or else, a herb, flower, stone or essential oil. If working with crystals or stones, you might like to gently blow on it, to awaken the crystal or stone. Address the Nature Spirit by respectfully communicating to them in your mind’s eye, or by singing an icaro aloud (An icaro is a song or poem addressed to the nature spirit…you can even make up something that feels right for you). Listen to any advice that comes into your head, whether via words, images, impressions or a general sense of knowing.

The same principles apply if working outside with Nature. If you want to tune in and communicate with the guardian of the land, perhaps a wood, or a mountain or lake then do ask permission of the guardian first. State your intention and declare that you mean no harm. Then focus again on your heart chakra area and see what comes to mind. What are you experiencing? What can you hear? Are you seeing any images? Do you have a knowing type of understanding or do you feel something directly in your body. Use all your senses to receive. When working outside it can also be helpful to leave an offering too, such as appropriate seeds, or birdfood or a pretty flower or stone. This reciprocity, or Ayni, ensures that you never take more than you receive and that you work with respect.

You will be surprised at the wisdom of Nature Spirits.  When I first learnt how to do tune in to a sacred herb spirit, (it was Rosemary),  I thought that this was lovely, sweet thing to do – nice but not too deep. How wrong I was. I received one of the most powerful healings I ever had in my life! Needless to say, it released so much pent up energy held within that I burst into sobs until I finally calmed myself! Don’t be put off by my tears though. The healing I received was amazing and you’ll find when you tune in to Nature, that she has a profound and loving wisdom.

Also, you can access the wisdom of Nature, when healing others too, it’s not just for yourself. Always remember to thank the nature spirit. If you have been working with a crystal or stone, you may cleanse it after you have tuned in, in a method of your choosing (water, moonlight, spray, prayer, Reiki, etc). Put out any herbs or flowers you have used onto the compost heap. Good luck!