Rid Yourself of Negative Internal Dialogue

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We all tend to take what we say and think for granted. However, our words, whether spoken aloud or thought within our heads are really powerful – both for the good and the bad. Negative dialogues can really stop us in our tracks, make us doubt our own abilities and stop us in moving forwards. On the other hand,  positive internal conversations can help us achieve and do anything we want to do, even achieve Olympic gold –  if that’s what we put our mind to. So how do we achieve a balance?

Let’s talk about the ‘bad’ stuff first and then we can consider what we can do about moving forwards.

Do you have an unhelpful internal dialogue running? This might take the form of a nasty little voice that whispers in your ear, taking up your valuable brain space, damaging your confidence and your ability to proceed on a number of levels. And perhaps its your own voice you hear, or that of a parent, teacher, boss or  lover. It doesn’t really matter whom the voice belongs to, but negative internal dialogue can really disarm.  We really don’t need to hear anything like ‘you are not good enough’, ‘that you’re bound to fail’ or whatever when  embarking on a course of action. Neither is it good for us to hear that we can get away with anything, because ‘we’re extra special’.

Clearly what we need is balance. So what can we do to achieve harmony and get rid of these dreadful internal scripts?  Removal might take some quite self work and time, but it is well worth it. After all, we all need to grow and develop and we can’t allow negative dialogues getting in the way of what we want to achieve in life.

So, there are a number of things that you can do:

1.  I heard a good tip recently about imagining these voices being distorted or warped in some way, so that they sound utterly ridiculous. Perhaps imagine the voice now coming from a cartoon character. So instead of hearing your inner critical parent saying ‘you are not good enough’, hear Donald Duck saying those words, or some other similar character.  Also try repositioning the direction from which you hear this internal voice. If you hear it from the left side of your head, now imagine that it is speaking from the right. You might find that this simple perceived shift of direction robs the unwanted internal dialogue of power.

2.   Alternatively, invoke the trusty Violet Flame to transform and clear those thoughts away. See yourself surrounded by the Violet Flame, which transmutes the negative into the positive. See this Violet Flame surrounding you, whenever that voice starts. To learn how to invoke the flame, see Violet Flame

3.   Get yourself comfortable, perhaps lying down in a meditative state. Imagine a light source above you, washing you with radiant, transformative energy. Visualise this column gently loosening and washing away those negative thoughts for good. See and accept that the negative internal dialogue is washed into the ground to be transformed by Mother Earth. Next imagine this wonderful healing light energy filling you up with positive energy. Allow yourself to be so fully topped up, that now only positive words will flourish inside you, enabling you to do what you want to do or be who you want to be.

4.   Make good use of the positive power of words here, with affirmations. Once you’ve cleared yourself, try creating an affirmation that works for you. An affirmation is a phrase that you repeat over and over again, mantra-like, perhaps several times a day, for a given  period of time – maybe a week, maybe more. You’ll know what seems right for you.Affirmations need to be stated in the present (not the future) as if what you want has already happened. They should also be focused on the positive. So for example, you might want to say:

‘I am ready an open to financial abundance. I am surrounded by great job offers’ rather than ‘I wish to get rid of debt and get off benefits’

or ‘I am worthy of love and respect and I am open to a loving, fulfilling relationship. I attract my perfect partner to me now’ rather ‘I no longer wish to feel unappreciated and I want to meet a great partner very soon’

Or simply: ‘I attract every type of abundance into my life. I am fulfilled, safe and happy’

Good luck then and use those words well. Step into your power.