The Violet Flame

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IMG_4022Invoking The Violet Flame is a very simple, but extremely useful spiritual exercise. It is used when you need to transmute ‘heavy’ energy into a higher vibration. What that means in effect, is that this is an excellent tool to free yourself from the effects of anger, grief, depression and so on.

It especially helps in those situations where you feel that your aura, the space around you or some distant place is in need of clearing. The Violet Flame is also an excellent tool when you need to forgive – either yourself or other people.

You don’t have to see The Violet Flame to know that it is working, although some gifted clairvoyant people can.

How to Invoke The Violet Flame

You can do this by simply asking (three times) for the Violet Flame to surround you, the area that you are in or else to be sent to any places of grief or trauma around the world.

The guardians of the Violet Flame are the ascended masters, St Germain and Lady Portia. Ask them to install The Violet Flame wherever and whenever you want to transmute negative energy into positive energy.

Or, simply visualise the Violet Flame and ask/intend that any heavy thought forms, entities or general negative energy etc gets sent into this transformational flame.  You can also ask Archangel Michael to assist you in taking the thought forms/heavy energies there too.

To give you an example, you might want to say something like:

“St Germain, St Germain, St Germain and Lady Portia, Lady Portia, Lady Portia, please will you be with me now

Please will you surround me with The Violet Flame/place The Violet Flame in this room /send the Violet Flame to an area

Please let this be done for the Highest Good of All Concerned. In Love and Light, Thank You”

So when might you like to use The Violet Flame?

As a therapist, I usually have the Violet Flame set up in the room where I am working. I find that this is useful when clients are dealing with issues that they wish to transform.

1.  If you feel that you now need healing and clearing. Perhaps, you’d like to send clearing and healing to a younger version of yourself who perhaps went through some issues that still stay with you.

2.  If you need to forgive yourself or another.

3.  If you were at some stage in the past or currently are involved in a relationship that may be dysfunctional. Maybe its simply a case of just winding each other up too much!

4.  If there is a scenario in the workplace where you feel exploited or under severe pressure. Perhaps there is a bullying situation. Alternatively, you might just need to energetically ‘clear’ a place before giving an important presentation, or interview, etc.

5.  If you intuitively feel that your system needs clearing. Maybe you feel sluggish or energetically blocked. (Of course this should never replace medical advice!)

6.  If you feel moved to send healing to the Earth, or to an ecosystem under stress.

7.  Similarly, if you have been touched and troubled by a war zone or area that has come under severe duress, such as a Tsunami or Earthquake and so on.

Anyway, I hope that you find The Violet Flame of use to you. For greatest benefit, do invoke the Flame regularly, even daily. Treat it like an old friend.