Tarot Ethics

Amethyst Tiger Tarot Ethics

1. You must be aged eighteen or over to have a Tarot reading with Amethyst Tiger.

2. Your reading will always be undertaken in confidence.

3. We only ever read directly for a client and never a third party – i.e. we are happy to read for you, but not for another person. Any questions relating to third parties such as partners, families, friends and colleagues will be rephrased or declined as appropriate.

4. We reserve the right to terminate a Tarot reading, should we feel unable to continue for any reason. Should this happen, we will always withdraw with tact and diplomacy.

5. Similarly, we respect the right of a Querant (the person we are reading for) to terminate a reading at any stage too.

6. A very rare occurrence, but we reserve the right to refuse to read for a specific person.

7. We appreciate that our reading is not the only interpretation possible. Each reader is unique and others might ‘see’ different things in the cards.

8. We always will read as honestly as possible and aim to be open-minded and non-judgmental.

9. Every attempt will be made to interpret the cards in a meaningful way to you. In rare circumstances, the interpretation of a reading may prove obscure or difficult. We will openly admit if this is the case. (Sometimes, a meaning will become clear to the Querant some time post-reading).

10. We will always strive to provide helpful and insightful readings. However, any decision or action that is undertaken following a Tarot reading, is yours alone. We will never tell you how to proceed, that is solely your responsibility.

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