Rainbow Illumination Healing

Wisps of Colour - lrA Rainbow Illumination Healing feels very special. This soothing and gentle treatment can yield profound and transformational results. It is especially good for those people who are either experiencing high levels of stress, or else, those who wish to clear and re-balance their energy levels to facilitate spiritual development and growth.

The Rainbow Illumination works by gently clearing ‘heavy energy’ (what we would refer to as negative tensions held within the body and aura) and re-balancing an individual’s energy systems.  Most people accumulate heavy energy as a result of ongoing stress, emotional or physical traumas from the past, energetic imbalances, illness, negative beliefs (eg “I am not good enough”), dysfunctional relationships and in some cases, unresolved issues from past life times.

IMG_6533During a Rainbow Illumination Treatment, the shamanic practitioner ‘tunes-in ‘ to a client’s body, gently clearing and re-balancing each chakra (corresponding to the body’s energy centres). The client can experience feelings of hot or cold, they might see gently swirling colours and memories may resurface which need to be acknowledged and healed. The session is interactive, in that the client is encouraged to share what they are feeling and experiencing in order to finely-tune the healing. The shamanic practitioner also uses her intuition to access the wisdom and assistance of spirit guides and helpers in this gentle, deep healing.

The Rainbow Illumination Healing may last between one and a half to two hours, depending on the unique needs and requirements of each client.  Due to the ‘onion layer effect’, it can often take several sessions to achieve full healing and clearing, with each successive session addressing more deeply seated issues, until full release and clearing is achieved.

All Amethyst Tiger treatments are completely confidential and undertaken in a safe and supportive environment. Clients may also be given exercises to do, in order to continue the healing process at home.

Linda M
Linda M Amethyst Tiger Shamanic Healing
I visited Arya and had enormous help from her after a death in the family. The Rainbow Illumination Treatment was very calming and spiritually uplifting. It was hard to explain the wonderful feelings that I received and the ongoing help with the spiritual side. If you are interested in awakening your own spirituality and angelic helpers, then the Rainbow Illumination Healing will be extremely helpful.
Jacqui M
Jacqui M Amethyst Tiger Shamanic Healing
Thank  you so much for your wonderful treatment yesterday, Arya! It was so timely and I felt so much better for it. Bless you for your warmth and your skills. I took the rest of the day very gently.

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