Soul Retrieval Healing

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At certain times in our life, when we are facing a difficult situation such as a trauma, deep emotional upsets or severe illness, we can lose a soul fragment –  a vital part of ourselves. Sometimes, we cope by consciously withdrawing, shutting a part of ourselves down.

Stresses such as bereavement, divorce, redundancy, ongoing disputes and abuse can also be situations where soul loss occurs. Somehow, we are aware that we are not functioning as we’d like to be, perhaps we are lacking in energy, feeling fragile or remain inward looking. Unfortunately, when soul loss takes place, we can enter a downward spiral where we become particularly susceptible to other stresses and traumas. Needless to say, regaining that lost aspect of ourselves can help us regain full emotional health and well-being.

In this Shamanic Healing, we work with you to recognise those situations where soul loss might have occurred. This may have been something that happened a very long time ago and we are more than likely to have lost soul fragments on more than one occasion. Then working with our Spirit Helpers and Guides, we call back in the Soul Fragments to help restore you to full emotional health. We also teach you how to protect yourself energetically for the future.

Most people find this Soul Retrieval Healing very empowering, with the result that they are able  move forward in their lives after they have received this healing treatment.

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