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AmTig Purple Chrystanth lrAmethyst Tiger was set up by Arya Ingvorsen, an experienced holistic therapist. Arya’s healing practice and teaching is based on her long experience of a variety of healing modalities and therapies, encompassing clinical hypnotherapy, shamanic healing, Reiki and Tarot.

In her practice, Arya utilises a variety of techniques to help her clients achieve a greater sense of relaxation and well being. As a clinical hypnotherapist, Arya employs a number of advanced hypnotherapy techniques to facilitate a client’s desired emotional, behavioural or physical change. With shamanic healing, Arya works with natural energies to help clients in their healing and spiritual development. As a Reiki Master, Arya tunes in and channels Reiki energy balancing and healing a client’s own energy systems.¬† Lastly, Tarot can provide insight, feedback and guidance for clients’ current situations. Arya’s approach is considered and flexible, employing the right tools to help people move forward.

Arya Ingvorsen - Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader & Holistic TeacherDuring a successful career in marketing and market research, Arya was always interested in people and what motivated them. Increasingly, Arya found herself drawn to holistic healing, with an interest in how people felt, how they wanted their lives to develop and what they could do to heal and move forward in life.

She first qualified in aromatherapy twenty years ago, which led her to discover other types of healing such as crystal and angelic healing. The daughter of an Indian father and Finnish mother, Arya found that her cultural heritage of Indian spirituality and the Finn’s connection to Nature, inspired her calling first to Reiki and then later to Shamanic practice. Arya has trained in Usui Reiki and has drawn her Shamanic practice from a number of cultures, including Peruvian. Arya finds that Shamanism is a life-long learning process.

Alongside this, Arya trained in clinical hypnotherapy, realising that at times, clients needed to access the power of the mind in order to effect a desired change. Clinical hypnotherapy is really successful in changing long held feelings, emotions and behaviours. It can also help access positive mental resources for positive change.

In some instances, Arya combines therapeutic modalities, to bring about deep and lasting healing, where appropriate. For instance, some spiritual techniques from Shamanic healing and Reiki may be used in hypnotherapy (when a client’s unique circumstances dictate it) in order to bring about change and healing. Similarly, a hypnotherapy technique may be desirable during an energetic technique such as Reiki.

Arya has also explored The Tarot, finding the innate wisdom of the cards of immense appeal and of benefit to her clients. She believes that it is vitally important to empower her clients to facilitate their own healing. For her, healing or the wisdom of the Tarot should continue after the session and clients may be given exercises to undertake at home.

Arya also shares her learning and experience in workshops, teaching both ordinary members of the public and other therapists. She teaches either on a one-to-one basis or in small groups.

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