Joyce B
Joyce B Amethyst Tiger Treatments and Tarot
Arya combines deep insightfulness with great personal warmth, integrity and empathy.  She has a generous and kind spirit.  I have always come away from time with Arya, whether for Reiki, Tarot or Shamanic Healing, with a sense of renewed energy and a greater understanding of myself.
Devon N
Devon N Amethyst Tiger Animal Spirit Guides Workshop
After attending Arya’s Animal Spirit Guides Workshop, I came away with a renewed sense of self. Arya is a passionate, sensitive and intuitive teacher.  She created a calm, yet energised environment in which we were able to discover and connect with our animal guides. I recommend this workshop to anyone looking to connect more closely with the earth, its animals, and especially oneself.
Karen H
Karen H Amethyst Tiger Shamanic Healing
It was lovely to see you and I thank you for all the help you have given me and I feel so much stronger and wiser….Thank you.
Linda M
Linda M Amethyst Tiger Shamanic Healing
I visited Arya and had enormous help from her after a death in the family. The Rainbow Illumination Treatment was very calming and spiritually uplifting. It was hard to explain the wonderful feelings that I received and the ongoing help with the spiritual side. If you are interested in awakening your own spirituality and angelic helpers, then the Rainbow Illumination Healing will be extremely helpful.
Hilary B
Hilary B Amethyst Tiger Treatments
I have been a client of Arya’s for many years and have always found her a sensitive and intuitive healer.  She always knows instinctively what I need and makes sure that I feel warm and cared for.  I always leave her sessions feeling uplifted and inspired – she is a very gifted healer!
Michael D
Michael D Amethyst Tiger Workshops and Tarot
Arya’s knowledge of Reiki, crystals and Tarot, proves to be both enlightening and profound. Arya is a warm and understanding person and I strongly recommend her services to anyone that’s looking to scratch beyond the surfaces of spirituality and find deeper meaning in their lives.
Jacqui M
Jacqui M Amethyst Tiger Shamanic Healing
Thank  you so much for your wonderful treatment yesterday, Arya! It was so timely and I felt so much better for it. Bless you for your warmth and your skills. I took the rest of the day very gently.
Evi K
Evi K Amethyst Tiger Reiki Workshops and Attunements
Reiki I and II with Arya has been a life-changing experience for me. Not only did Arya spend as much time as needed to teach me Reiki, but she also addressed my concerns about spiritual protection and energy clearing. Arya also addressed any other concerns/questions I had after our lesson, and she has been more than a teacher to me, but a true mentor. I would not hesitate to recommend Arya to anyone who wants to learn about Reiki and Shamanic Healing.
Maria T
Maria T Amethyst Tiger Shamanic Workshop
“Thank you so much for everything on Saturday. I was blown away by the experience; it was much richer, deeper and more layered than anything I could have expected. It was such a privilege to learn from you ”
Joyce B
Joyce B Amethyst Tiger Clinical Hypnotherapy
Arya is an attentive and empathetic therapist who made it easy to talk about the changes I wanted to make.  Although initially a little apprehensive, I quickly relaxed and always felt in control.  Breaking negative habits can be difficult but Arya’s expert guidance enabled changes to be made.  I’m not sure how it works but I’ve felt more confident and positive since my hypnotherapy sessions
Ann LB
Ann LB Amethyst Tiger Past Life Regression
I’m so thrilled I have found someone so wonderful, locally who can help and teach me what I need and would love to know. What a rewarding session I had last week with you. I look forward to many more insightful, healing and wonderful journeys with your vast knowledge, wisdom and guidance by my side! Thank you!

Anita J
Anita J Amethyst Tiger Tarot Course
I feel that the course has had just the right balance – it has covered lots of ways of using the Tarot and reading techniques. It has given me a chance to assess the styles and work out what is best for me and how I want to work with the cards. Being guided by you has been an amazing experience and I have learnt a lot about the cards and myself in the process. The cards seem to possess a greater depth of knowledge, understanding and insight than I ever thought possible.
Shalini B
Shalini B Amethyst Tiger Animal Spirit Guides Workshop
The workshop was a moving, spiritual experience for me. I was surprised at how much I learnt about myself in just a few hours – and deeply appreciative to find my guiding animal spirit. Since the workshop I am amazed just how many times my animal spirit has popped up in the most unusual settings!
Shirley U
Shirley U Amethyst Tiger Reiki Treatments

Arya is a very sensitive, kind and intuitive Reiki healer. She is extremely caring and empathetic and I have always felt very nurtured during our sessions. Her work has undoubtedly helped me, both physically and spiritually.

Luise W
Luise W Amethyst Tiger Tarot
I have had at least two Tarot card readings with Arya, she is so friendly and made me feel entirely comfortable, as I’d never done Tarot before
Emma B
Emma B Amethyst Tiger Animal Spirit Guides Workshop
I recently attended Arya’s workshop on Animal Spirit Guides.  I really was not sure what to expect – but immediately, Arya created a calm and safe environment for us to explore and find a way to connect with our guides.  There was a great energy and Arya’s love and passion reflect her methods of facilitation.  It genuinely was a thought provoking experience which will remain with me.
Judith H
Judith H Amethyst Tiger Treatments and Tarot
Arya’s Tarot Readings are always caring, considerate and professional. The readings themselves have been interesting and particularly helpful in understanding where I am in life.

I have also had a number of Reiki Treatments.  The experience has always been fulfilling, nurturing and spiritually healing.

Ruth G
Ruth G Amethyst Tiger Animal Spirit Guides Workshop
This was the first session that I have booked with Arya and I found it really interesting and insightful. I came away being far more aware of how animals can guide and teach us in our day to day lives.
Laraine H
Laraine H Amethyst Tiger Tarot

I have had regular Tarot readings with Arya over the last few years. These have been a great opportunity to take a pause and reflect on my current circumstances, explore issues and future routes. It’s also been a good way to review where I am at and how things are progressing over a longer period of time. I feel completely safe with Arya, she is an intuitive and caring guide and I have always found my readings to be very insightful and positive experiences.

Amy S
Amy S Amethyst Tiger One-To-One Coaching
Arya Has been great to work with and I have learnt alot of things from her. Every time I go, I love the challenge of what we learn. The sessions are always fun.
Annette G
Annette G Amethyst Tiger Shamanic Healing

I had a wonderful Shamanic healing from Arya who as well as being a kind and caring person was also very professional and created a wonderful atmosphere throughout  the session.   I felt  greatly uplifted and much more positive  afterwards

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