Chumpi Belt Initiations

IMG_4062A Chumpi Belt Initiation is a Peruvian, Shamanic ceremony, from the Q’ero Indians, to put five protective bands of energy, known as Chumpis, around an individual. Special ceremonial Chumpi Stones (or Khuyas) are used to place the five Chumpi Belts around the body. These correspond to the seven chakras or energy centres of the body.

Each belt is an energy source and a form of perception, put in place by a Chumpi Paqo (an individual trained to perform the giving of the Chumpi Belts of energy to another individual).

The Benefits of Having Chumpi Belts Placed Around You

The five Chumpi Belts help activate the seven energy centres of the body. The belts also help us to remove heavy energy that we accumulate on a day to day basis. More importantly, they enable a deeper connection to our life force and to Mother Nature, the Sun, Moon and Stars, as well as the the elements of Earth and Water,

Given the pressures of our Western culture, it is easy to become disconnected with Nature. This beautiful ceremony enables us to find again, our natural connection to the World around us and teaches us how to continue to do so.

The Energy Belts

Yana Wara – The 1st Energy Belt
This has a black colour and is placed at the base of the spine. Black is associated with the element of water which relates to the flow of our impulses.

Puka Chumpi – The 2nd Energy Belt
The colour of this belt is red, which relates to the blood of Mother Earth, also known as Pachamama.
The centre is found at our navel, or Qosqo, and corresponds with the element of earth and our emotions.

Qori Chumpi – The 3rd Energy Belt
This belt is golden and placed around the heart centre. It is associated with Father Sun and corresponds to feelings of love. The Quechan word for this kind of love is Munay.

Qolque Chumpi – The 4th Energy Belt
This belt has a Silver Colour and is placed around the throat. It is associated with The Moon, Mamma Killa (pronounced Key-yah) and the air and the wind. The centre is found around the throat or neck area and is associated with emotions and creativity.

Kulli Chumpi – The 5th Energy Belt
This belt is violet and placed around three centres:

  • the right eye (Pana nawi) associated with the mystical and communication to the spirit worlds
  • the left eye, (Lloque nawi) associated with the magical side of tradition
  • the area of the brow between left and right eye (Qanchis nawi) which links to the Divine

The giving of the sacred Chumpi Belt Initiation, will take a half day. You will be taught how to keep your energy belts topped up and how to utilise the belts. You will also learn how to pass on these initiations to others.

Initiations can be undertaken on a one to one basis, or in small groups. These will also be run on request.


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