Munay Ki Rites

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Many indigenous cultures practice rites of passage and initiation. The Munay Ki Rites are nine sacred rites, originating from the Q’ero Indians, the High Shamans of the Andes in Peru. These rites have only recently become open to those of us in the West.

The Q’ero have a prophecy that around this time the human race will undertake a great transformation, into persons of great wisdom and power, who live in harmony with nature. This evolved, higher vibration form of ourselves is referred to as Homo luminous and The Munay Ki Rites will ignite the seeds within us to aid our transformation.

The rites can only be passed on by someone who has previously been initiated and are for those who are on the path of spiritual evolution. Once you have received them, you too will be able to pass them on.

Are The Munay Ki Rites Calling You?

Are you on the path of Spiritual Development and Healing?
Do you want to link to an ancient lineage of Earthkeepers and Wisdomkeepers?
Do you feel the urge to commit to a stewardship of the Earth?
Do you want to clear your energy field and step into the future?
Are you ready to take on these tasks, with a clear and open heart, devoid of ego?

The rites heal, protect and transform the human energy field, (also referred to as the Luminous Energy Field or LEF). You might like to think of the LEF as the aura, or the essential Ki or Chi which each living organism has. Each of us holds within us the potential for transformation and enlightenment but everyday life somehow intervenes to stop us being closer to nature. These rites help the process of transformation to take place.Relaxing Meditation

Each of the nine sacred rites has an individual function. Chakras are cleansed and ancestral karma is healed so that we don’t have to pass on old, limiting thought and behavioural patterns to the next generation. We become closer to the Divine Feminine and to a lineage of ancient Wisdomkeepers from the Himalayas known as the Laika (or Luminous Beings). The rites will also help support us in our evolving role as Earthkeepers, upholders of a new respect for all life on Earth. Additionally, our ability as seers is strengthened and energetic protections and archetypes are put in place in the body.


The Munay Ki Rites

Rite 1 – The Bands of Power Rite  Five protective bands of power are placed into your LEF. These correspond to earth, air, fire, water and pure light.

Rite 2 – Healer’s Rite This connects you with an ancient lineage of Earthkeepers from the past who will assist you with your own healing. The Earthkeepers work with us when we meditate or are asleep to heal us of past wounds and ancestral karma.

Rite 3 – Harmony Rite  Seven empowering archetypes are placed in your LEF. The seeds of the archetypes are awakened by sacred fire ceremony. This process helps us to cleanse our chakras, ridding ourselves of psychic sludge and raising our vibration in the process.

Rite 4 – Seer’s Rite This awakens your ability to perceive the world of energy by placing filaments of light from the visual cortex to the third eye and then to the heart chakra.

Rite 5 – Daykeeper’s Rite This is associated with master keepers of sacred altars from Stonehenge to Machu Pichu. Connects you with the Laika and helps you access their wisdom to bring healing and balance to the world.

Rite 6 – Wisdomkeeper’s Rite You are connected to a lineage of ancient Wisdomkeepers who resided in the High Mountains, where they kept their sacred knowledge safe. They were able to step outside of time in order to preserve their medicine teachings, which they now share with us.

Rite 7 – Earthkeeper’s Rite You will be connected to a lineage of Angels, who are guardians of our galaxy. These  angels protect us, as Earthkeepers, in our endeavours to bring healing and balance to any situation. As Earthkeepers we learn the Way of The Seer, envisaging the World we create around us.

Rite 8 – Starkeeper’s Rite This will help raise your energetic vibration, which can facilitate healing and resistance to disease.

Rite 9 – Creator Rite This awakens the Creator-Light within you, bringing stewardship for all creation, from the smallest grain of sand to the largest galaxy.



The Munay Ki Rites can be passed on in either small groups or individually. Please see events for suitable course dates, although we will also run these on request, so please contact us to enquire about them.

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