Are You Emotionally Resilient?

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So what is emotional resilience?  It is an ability to cope with the present and look forward to the future, in spite of any obstacles that might stand in our way. It is a state of both self mastery and self empowerment.

Emotional resilience gives us the bandwidth to negotiate the future. It means we can accept ourselves fully, acknowledging our shadow sides as well as our more positive traits.  It means that old triggers, whether a particular person, a recurring situation, or our own insecurities, no longer cause us to react in an unhelpful or unwelcome way.  In short, it gives us access to our true power.

During my many years as a therapist, I’ve noticed that attaining emotional resilience is a common factor for many clients, even if they come to see me for seemingly different pu

rposes. Some might want to relax, to chill, to detox emotionally, or to overcome recent or past traumas. Alternatively, clients might want some insight or motivation to help them on their spiritual paths or through the jungle that is every day life.  What underpins all of this, however, is emotional resilience.

And of course, there are many roots to enhancing your emotional resilience. It might be to get a little me-time, it might be to become more aware and spiritually connected or it might be to reframe and clear away old baggage including emotional or energetic blockages.

Each person’s chosen route is individual.  At my therapy practice, I often integrate different healing modalities, to help clients be where they want to be.  I want people to leave with an improved emotional resilience, so that they feel  empowered, relaxed and properly equipped to cope with the world.