Shamanic Rites

Shamanic Rites

Amethyst Tiger offers a number of Shamanic Rites, some of which have been passed down from ancient and sacred medicine teachings. The rites work on many levels. People may wish to receive these rites if they are on a journey of spiritual development or if they have a special interest in healing (for themselves or others).

The rites also help us to reconnect with Nature. So much of our society has lost this connection, to the detriment of both the planet and our own well-being and harmony. It is so important to honour and protect the Earth, whilst we are still able to do so.

Finally, the rites also help deepen our connection to our higher selves, that part of us that holds the creator-light or god-energy.

Receiving the rites is a very special, moving and spiritual experience.


The Shamanic Munay Ki Rites and Chumpi Belt Initiations are sacred Peruvian ceremonial rites, passed on the by the Shamans of the Peruvian Q’ero Indians. For a long time, the Q’ero protected their wisdom teachings and have only recently openedĀ up these teachings to the Western World.

The Munay Ki Rites are energetic transmissions which transform and upgrade the human energy field. They help deepen our intuition and our connection to the sacred, whilst facilitating our own healing on many levels. Further details about these can be found here.

Chumpi Belts Initiations involve the placement of five protective, energy belts around us. They help activate our energy centres, whilst deepening our connection to Nature and to Kawsay, or life force.

The Animal Spirit Guides Blessings takes place on the Animal Spirit Guides Workshop. It enables us to better communicate with Animal Spirit Guides in order to access their profound wisdom for our selves, whether for our healing, protection and spiritual development. It also links us to ‘The Great Animal Council’, enabling us to send healing back to the animal kingdom, which is under much stress at the moment.

A Womb Blessing is a ceremonial blessing of femininity and creativity, and of course, the womb in particular. This blessing acknowledges the Divine Feminine within and balances us at the same time.


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