Pyscho-Shamanic Hypnotherapy

Amethyst Tiger Pink FlowerPsycho-Shamanic Hypnotherapy is a style of therapy that I have developed and fine-tuned to help people achieve deep healing and personal transformation. This therapy is a blend of clinical hypnotherapy and shamanic healing. After many years of experience of helping clients achieve healing on an energetic and soul level through shamanic healing, I recognised that deep and powerful spiritual healing could be realised using hypnosis. Whilst in an hypnotic trance, it is possible to not only communicate with the unconscious mind, but the superconscious mind too, that some of us might refer to as the soul. This is what makes psycho-shamanic healing so effective.

Much of my hypnotherapy practice is clinical, helping people to address issues such as stress, trauma, anxiety, phobias, weight loss and smoking cessation. However, there may be times when  hypnotherapy can be useful in addressing spiritual issues such as loss of soul-fragments, soul-retrieval, over-coming energy blockages from current and past lives, cutting of ties between people, (or between people, places and organisations), trauma work, ancestral line healing and past life regression.

It is also possible to communicate and work with a client’s own spiritual guides, when the client is in a psycho-shamanic trance, induced by hypnotherapy.

As an established and very experienced Reiki healer, shamanic practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist, I think that at times such ‘psycho-shamanic hypnotherapy’ may really help individuals in their paths of energetic healing and spiritual development. Such therapy may be one small part of an overall treatment plan or constitute a stand alone session or sessions.

As is the case with clinical hypnotherapy and any other treatment offered by Amethyst Tiger, the client is always in control and is supported in a safe, non-judgemental and caring environment.

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Arya Ingvorsen