And How Are You? Time To Look After Yourself.

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gerberaI don’t know if this happens to  you, but I find it all too easy to let those good intentions shift aside, making way for the day to day business of life.  Of course we have to work, shop, make supper, so where does the time for self reflection, meditation and dare I say it, looking after ourselves come?  I personally find that when busy or stressed, it is the me-time, the hobbies, the looking after myself that go out of the window. A dear friend pointed out to me the ridiculousness of this situation, as it is precisely at these times when one most needs a positive outlet.

But I know that self care really is important. You can’t help those around you, until you’ve looked after yourself properly. This is important for all of us, but especially so for those in positions of care at home or at work. You can’t give to others unless you are strong and replenished yourself.  That’s true both physically and emotionally.

I’ve had several reminders recently that I need to start looking after myself again.  The first came a few months ago when I was on a hypnotherapy course in London. At the end of an intensive two day training, I walked to my car to find somebody had posted the following message on the windowscreen:

“It’s a Sunday, Love and pamper yourself, you deserve it!
Love, The Universe.”

I can’t tell you how much this little note made me feel wonderful…..not just for one day, but for weeks afterwards. Funnily enough, I’ve now had weeks of messages from friends and ‘Spirit’ telling me to take care, so now I’m finally going to do it.


So I’m guessing that it’s not only me, but some of you might need a little more self nurturing too. We all know we should do it, but often, we put ourselves right at the end of the list. But as the Universe said, ‘You deserve it!”

I’m going to ask you to join me in a self-care project for one month now. Every day for 28 days, I’d like you to do something that makes your soul sing, that keeps you in touch with the core you and with Nature. This could be a daily meditation, sitting on the lawn with a cuppa, a walk in the park, or listening to a much loved, but not recently played track.  It doesn’t matter if your me-time is 3 mins or 3 hours, as long as you give yourself some focus and self love. I’m starting on the first of the month. Do join me and let me know how you get on.