Cutting Emotional Ties

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Celtic WomanWhy, you might think, would you want to cut emotional ties? Well sometimes, we need to move on from past events, traumas and relationships. However, we find that our current feeling of ‘self’ is still defined and affected by past difficulties and previous relationships in our lives, even though we might have physically moved on some time ago. Additionally, we can still love a person dearly, but need to move forward with grace and dignity in order for our own soul to grow and develop.

Shamans believe that we can lose ‘soul fragments’ when experiencing such difficult or emotionally fraught times. By cutting ties, we are mentally taking responsibility and no longer wishing to define ourselves by something in our past. Cutting ties is always done with love and with an absence of malice.

This exercise is very empowering.

  1.  Centre yourself and bring your focus to your heart area.
  2.  Ask Archangel Michael to be with you (Say his name three times and ask for him to come and help you)
  3.  See yourself and this past event or person(s)
  4.  See the energetic ties that connect you to this event or person
  5.  Ask that Michael cut the ties with love and for the highest good
  6.  Ask that any soul fragments that belong to you return to you and that any fragments belonging to another person be sent back to them with love and respect.
  7.  You can send healing Violet Light to yourself/the situation/another stimulate healing and transmutation.
  8.  Breathe deeply and feel stronger.

You may need to repeat this exercise several times.

Remember the cutting ties exercise must never be undertaken from a  position of anger or hatred. Just love, the healing power of love. It is also useful to thank the person or event for the lessons which you have learned and forgive. Also remember to thank Archangel Michael and to send love to yourself.

You may still love somebody and deal with them. This is not cutting physical ties. This is cutting emotional ties that feel burdensome to you.

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