Past Lives: Unlocking the Key to the Future

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Amethyst Tiger Past Life lrWhen I was at school, I learnt that history was important. I understood that only by learning from and considering our mistakes and actions in the past, that we as a society can progress forwards.  On a soul level, that’s pretty much why past life regression is so effective and can really help us to move forwards personally. Our past life history can hold the key to what is stopping us from moving forwards in life and living life to the full.

But first, some of you may want to know the answers to some questions. Do past lives really exist? Are they a figment of the imagination? Do I have more than one past life?

Do past lives really exist?

Many cultures all around the world believe in reincarnation (and there is some controversy around whether the early Christian church did so too). Dr Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia, travelled extensively for forty years interviewing over 3000 children who claimed to recall past life incarnations. Dr Stevenson’s work has been continued by his colleague Dr Jim Tucker at the same university. Additionally, there is much anecdotal evidence to be found on the internet.

Personally speaking, one of my early childhood memories is of a past life incarnation. I wasn’t spooked by the memory, my child self just viewed it sympathetically and matter-of-factly. Decades later, I was able to send healing to this past life, which was a deep experience. I’ve also undergone many past life regressions throughout my life.  I’ve journeyed shamanically to visit the past lives of others and regressed people into previous incarnations using past life regression hypnosis. So yes, I believe that there is such a thing as a past life. Fascinatingly, I find that people are always keen to learn of my own regression stories, but slightly wary of undertaking their own journeys. They needn’t be so, if gently guided and supported by a therapist who can help them. It’s not scary, but it is often moving and cathartic.

Are past lives a figment of the imagination?

When regressed, people’s experiences are so vivid and their emotions so profound that for me, there is little doubt that they are re-experiencing a previous life, rather than conjuring a story up from their imaginations. My own personal experience of regression convinces me too.

Do I have more than one past life?

Our souls have all had many incarnations, some good, some bad; some blessed and some challenged. Sometimes, an incarnation may have been privileged and very powerful or at other times, humble. We enter into each incarnation with a specific purpose, in order to learn something. Perhaps it is learning how to fully love ourselves, or to have compassion for others. It may be a harsher lesson, to learn how to experience poverty or frailty. The aim is that our soul will fully and willingly experience all aspects of life.  At the end of a specific lifetime, our soul might have achieved its purpose for that incarnation, but sometimes this isn’t the case. We will then re-experience another lifetime with the same goal and challenges.

Unlocking the Key to the Future by Addressing Present Life Challenges

Sometimes, for no obvious reason, we might be facing those same challenges in our current lives. We can’t understand why it’s so difficult to assert ourselves perhaps. Maybe, we have trouble forming deep and meaningful relationships, or maybe, we’ve always felt like something is missing, although we don’t know what! There are any number of challenges that we might be facing in our daily lives that can be healed and addressed in a past life regression. Identifying one particular issue from our current lives, we can regress to lifetimes which have resonance with our current challenges.  There we can review key elements of that life, critical milestones and relationships, even what thoughts and lessons we took with us as we passed from that incarnation into the life between lives, before stepping into the next incarnation.

Sometimes, we might have made vows in that particular lifetime, such as: “I’ll never trust again”, “I’m never going to allow myself to be loved again”, “I don’t deserve anything”. Perhaps even, in that past lifetime you might have made a vow of chastity or poverty that stubbornly refuses to go in the present time! These vows can be reviewed and amended, as can any soul contracts made. Also, we might have received injuries in a past lifetime, that somehow continue to affect us in this present lifetime. That is why sending healing and forgiveness to the past can really unlock challenges that we might face, enabling us to move forward.

Past life therapy aims to resolve issues from the past that have an energetic imprint and effect on our current lives. The insight given from a regression, the removal of energetic blockages and the rewriting of vows and contracts is not only fascinating, but transforming. It is also lovely to be able to identify other members of our soul group who might also be present in our current lives.

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