The Ho’oponopono Mantra of Forgiveness

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P1010348This Hawaiian Mantra of Healing and Reconciliation is simple in the extreme, but unbelievably powerful. It is used in those circumstances where forgiveness is required, perhaps for yourself, perhaps for a partner or family member, a work colleague or a place of trauma. It can be sent to the Universe in general, or also to specific situations or people where reconciliation, peace and harmony are required.

This might be worth chanting or saying aloud to help heal relationships with others ie family members, partners, work colleagues, etc.

The H’oponopono Mantra goes like this.

I Love You,
I Am Sorry,
Please Forgive Me.
Thank You

Repeat constantly, not directed anywhere in particular, although you may offer it to the Divine, The Universe or your own or anothers’ others inner child. You can say it directly to another person, or out aloud on your own, intending that it gets to them. It even works via text! This is a helpful chant, no matter who is right or wrong.

The Mantra has an amazing healing, cleansing energy that can be sent out in all directions of time and space – so even to events long in the past and to past lifetimes. If you use the H’oponopono with the Violet Flame, the results and healing can be very liberating. Although sometimes, the exercise will need to be repeated regularly and over a period of time in order to affect change.

These eleven simple words really do make a big difference. The process may be instantaneous or it may take a considerable amount of time to work through. But it does change things energetically and in difficult circumstances can make life easier to tolerate.

Such a little thing, forgiveness, but its so powerful isn’t it? Do try this powerful Mantra. It does not mean that you agree with some perpetrator of trauma, or even accept what they have done, but it does lesson the power that they, or an event holds over you. And in so doing, in freeing yourself from such an association, it enables you to move on.

In Ho’oponopono, a person assumes total responsibility for their reality without any sense of self blame. They know that what they have created, they can change, for accepting responsibility means accepting power. Nothing is ever anyone else’s fault. We can only ever really change ourselves and our own reality, which means by saying the Mantra we ultimately affect our own healing. You may wonder how you can ever forgive somebody who may have caused you such angst and saying ‘I love you’ might go completely against the grain. But, from a healing perspective, we are all one and we are all linked to each other. If you find it difficult to say this to a particular person, or organisation or place, just say it aloud to the Universe. It’s still healing to do it this way and much better than keeping things bottled up, unresolved inside you.