The Power of Belief

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Amethyst Tiger Belief What stops so many of us realizing our dreams is a lack of belief.  My wise old mum used to say that you can achieve anything you want in this world, as long as you believe. True enough, I hear you say, so why don’t we?

Belief has always been a powerful concept. The word has biblical connotations – it’s the gateway into heaven and the basis of rousing political speeches, but it’s also something that we sadly lack in our sophisticated, modern world. As each day passes, we put our faith more and more into technology, and in the social structures around us.  As we do so, it’s easy to become disconnected, less centred and trusting of our own innate powers and abilities. Of course, belief can be a tricky bedfellow. Go too much the other way and we meet with its shadow side: arrogance or fundamentalist thinking (whether religious, political or social) and we know how scary that can be.

Anyway, it occured to me the other day that the reason that many of us don’t achieve, even when multi-talented and multi-skilled, is that we have a lack of belief. Not simply self-belief, but a strong inner knowing that our words, thoughts and deeds have real power. We can go through the actions and motions of our lives without appreciating how powerful we really are. Others might see it, but if we don’t, our power is luke-warm, it lacks energy; so, reclaim it we must! In fact, this is why others (especially governments of the world) are wont to tell us the opposite, that we have no power, that we are not strong, in order to keep us operating at a luke-warm level, rather than at full warp speed!

Strong belief also comes from an awareness of who we truly are, a recognition of ourselves at soul level as it were. Perhaps this recognition will enable us to take ourselves a little more seriously, to treat ourselves with more respect and kindness. (Please note, I am not advocating that any of us should become pompous or dogmatic and generally so in love with ourselves that we become arrogance personified). What I am advocating is that we acknowledge our own power, our true colours and who we really are.

So, do what you are doing with love, self awareness and respect. Know that you are truly powerful and that your words and actions have impact and effect. If, like me, you are a therapist, have faith in your own abilities. And if you are not a therapist, have faith in your own abilities anyway. Sure we can always improve, but recognise how far you’ve come.